Eco-Friendly Cotton Bag with Premium Plantable Stationery contains 1 plantable notepad, 2 plantable recycled paper blue pens, 2 plantable pencils, 5 plantable recycled Eco colored pens & a cocoa planting kit packed in a reusable cotton bag with a drawstring.



SKU: ZC-31
    • All pens and pencils are packaged in round recycled kraft paper boxes.
    • The recycled paper pens contain less than 5% plastic, and contain hi-shine's low viscosity ink, with 2-year shelf life. The 5 colored ball pens come in orange, light blue, pink, purple, and green ink.
    • The pencils are made of 100% recycled paper instead of wood and are colored using edible non-toxic colors.
    • All pens and pencils have government-approved seeds of different plants (with seed name on each piece and specified expiry dates on the packaging), contained in a water-soluble seed capsule. After usage, you can plant the pens, pencils, and notepad cover as per the instructions in the product packaging.
    • The coco planting kit contains 2 seed bombs, 1 cocopeat disk, and 1 coconut husk planter. The seed bombs are made of recycled paper and seeds. The cocopeat disk has to be placed in the coco pot to enable planting. Once you add water to cocopeat, it expands and becomes soil-like, and can be used for planting the seed bombs or stationery products.
  • 1 Cotton Jute Bag 

    1 Coco Pot & Peat Set (BC-01)

    1 Plantable Notepad (BG-20)

    5 Plantable Colouring Pens (BG-17)

    Plantable 2 Pencils & 2 Pen (ZG-14)