Eco-Friendly Plantable Stationery Gift Kit contains a plantable calendar box, a plantable notepad, a premium pocket kit, a plantable mini notepad, 10 plantable mini colouring pencils, 5 plantable coloured ink eco pens, 5 plantable pencils, 2 cocopeat disks, organic fertilizer, 2 coconut husk planters, 1 premium bamboo mug, 2 bamboo pens and a one-sided netted jute bag.



SKU: BG-52
    • The plantable calendar box contains 12 seed papers, 1 stand, 1 plantable paper pencils and 1 plantable paper pen.
    • The plantable notepad contains 40 A5 sized pages and a plantable cover. The mini notepad contains 3" X 4.5" sized 60 natural shade pages along with a plantable cover.
    • The Diwali kit also contains 10 mini colouring pencils, 5 coloured ink eco pens, 5 paper pencils - all eco made from friendly material and having seeds for planting post-use.
    • There are 2 bamboo pens, a bamboo mug, 2 coconut husk planters, 2 cocopeat disks and an organic fertiliser. 
  • 1 Plantable Calendar 2020 (BG-60)

    2 Notepads A5 Size (BG-20)

    5 Plantable Eco Pens (ZG-11)

    5 Plantable Paper Pencils (BG-03)

    10 Mini Plantable Colouring Pencils (BG-07)

    2 Coco Pot & Peat Set (BC-01)

    1 Black Box Kit - Mini Notepad + Pencil + Pen (BG-33)

    1 Jute Bag