Mega Jute Kit contains 1 plantable calendar, 1 kraft A4 file, 1 kraft A4 pouch, 1 A5 plantable notepad, 5 plantable pencils, 5 eco plantable pens, 1 coco pot, 2 seed bombs, and 1 cocopeat disk, together with packaged in a re-usable jute sling bag.



SKU: ZC-50
    • All pens and pencils are packaged in round recycled kraft paper boxes.
    • The eco pens contain 90% less plastic than regular ball pens, and contain hi-shine's low viscosity blue ink, with a 2-year shelf life.
    • The pencils are made of 100% recycled paper instead of wood and are colored using edible non-toxic colors.
    • The plantable calendar box contains 12 plantable paper leaves (of 3 different seed varieties) along with a stand.
    • The cocopeat disk has to be placed in the coco pot to enable planting. Once you add water to cocopeat, it expands and becomes soil-like, and can be used for planting the seed bombs or stationery products.
  • Contents:

    1 Mega Jute Bag 

    1 Plantable Calendar (BG-60)

    1 A4 Size Kraft Folder 

    1 A4 Size Kraft Pouch 

    5 Plantable Paper Pencil (BG-03)

    5 Plantable Eco Pen (BG-11)

    1 Coco Pot & Peat Set (BC-01)