It's the Miracle Grass. We call it bamboo. Bamboo being one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, it is a sustainable and renewable natural resource with multiple functional uses. It takes few months for bamboo to reach its full size. More importantly, bamboo is also naturally anti-bacterial meaning pesticides are not needed for bamboo cultivation. Oh, and it’s also a carbon-negative fairy-godmother :-D Bamboo absorbs 2-5 times more CO2 than other trees. But you may have already heard most of this. Today, bamboo is everywhere – from toothbrushes to reusable drinking straws, from roofs to speakers. But that is not why we designed this pen. We designed this pen because today's ecologically-sensitive modern professional needed a daily writing tool that they could feel proud of. This pen is for those who care about the ecological impact of their consumption and also want superior aesthetic value for their everyday essentials.


SKU: BB-03
    • Bamboo Pen Set contains 3 blue ink ball pens in a reusable jute-cotton pouch with a metallic button.
    • The bamboo pens are ergonomically designed to hold comfortably.
    • This set is a part of the eco-friendly stationery range from the stationery.   


  • 3 Bamboo Pens