World's first biodegradable ball pen with less than 5% plastic.

Since the first ball pen in 1950,

100s of Billions of pens have been sold across the globe


alone produces

30+ million

ball pens 


Designed as disposable items,

these writing instruments have 95% plastic.

They are annually responsible for
Adding over 12000 tons of plastic into landfills
Contributing to over
5000 tons of CO2 emission

Rethinking Ball Pens

The role of plastic is only to hold the

writing components (the tip and ink) together.

There was a need to innovate on the material, and find an alternative.

At bioQ, we have done just that!

95% plastic

5% plastic

With OZONE, the trend has been reversed

From 95% plastic to just 5% plastic.

  Achieving sustainability

without compromising on

Performance /  Functionality / Ergonomics / Aesthetics

Since it is made from recycled paper,

it can drastically reduce plastic at source and in landfills,

while conserving energy and water.

Elegant Finish

A Smooth feel from top to bottom, where the cap perfectly flushes with the body, whether inserted from the front or the back.

Ergonomically Designed

Thicker body and an optimum grip diameter gives the perfect weight and size balance. Rough grip area gives a 

non-slippery feel. 

Ball Pen Tip

Nickel-Silver tip and Tungsten Carbide Ball - 0.7mm, ensuring dry free writing for over 2.5 years.

(Also available in 1.0mm)

Ultra Smooth Ink

Free from heavy metal or any other toxic content, the ink used is EN71 compliant.

Available in Blue, Red and Black colour.

Cork Plug

The top of the cap is a cork plug, giving the pen the perfect sustainable ending that it deserves.

Classic Metallic Clip

A flexible clip that allows for easy hanging on shirt pockets, notepad sheets and folders.

Sustainable Packaging

Completely biodegradable packaging, made from 100% recycled paper.

Multi-utility Box

 Doubles as an elegant pen stand for your table top.