It’s cutlery. It’s edible. It’s good for you and better for the planet!

Single use plastics such as disposable cutlery is often not used for more than a few minutes, but remains on Earth for hundreds of years! It is very difficult to recycle these too.


It is not just creating more solid waste for the landfills. Plastic cutlery also requires energy and water to produce.  And a lot of it is produced each day around the world. Naturally, all of it is thrown in the trash. Then onto a landfill. Finally, reaching the ocean somehow, somewhere.


Think of the plastic straw or stirrer that tags along with your daily cup of coffee. Think of the plastic or plastic lined “paper” cup that meets you three times of the week when you want to indulge at the dessert shop (Promise, we don’t judge you for having ice cream three times a week but we do judge you for having it in a plastic or plastic lined “paper” cup :-P).


Think of every office party, kids birthday party, picnc, wedding or any other of the numerous religious ceremonies we Indians are known to observe. Think of the last time you went to the movies. Think of the time you went to that fancy food festival. 


While the idealists will argue that the wisest option is to replace all disposable cutlery with reusable ones, in reality it is not the most convenient or economical choice. Often there may be hygiene concerns as well. 


So do we continue using disposable plastic cutlery even though we know  it will land up in a landfill eventually? No, we have a better idea. Eat your cutlery.

Introducing NutriCups, a safer, healthier and more sustainable alternative. It requires much less energy to produce and will biodegrade naturally within 12- 18 days. Oh and you can eat it too.



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