It is very likely that you are reading this while sitting in your office, home/home office, a cafe cum working space, a co-working space or maybe you are sitting in your classroom. Or you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment.  If you are, then take a moment to think about the desk or table in front of you. Think of the chair you are sitting in. Think about what it’s made of. Think of how it was produced. Think of what will happen to it once it is discarded. 


Modern furniture is heavily dominated by plastic and plastic composite variants - chairs, desks, workstations, cupboards. These are often at the cheapest end price spectrum. But the real price for these is being paid by the environment. Manufacturing plastic itself causes havoc on our natural systems, but there are also issues of disposal, as plastic is not biodegradable and recycling is both inconvenient and a cause of more air pollution. 


This is where bioBUILD comes to the rescue!


bioBUILD is our range of modular furniture made primarily out of recycled paper. Honeycomb board, corrugated board and paper tubes are given new purpose by using them to build conference tables, workstations, benches/stools, storage units, and many other such items. In addition to being made of sustainable material, it comes at pocket friendly prices and gives you endless freedom to build your space based on your preferences and convenience.