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This Rakhi choose a plantable rakhi to celebrate the eternal bond between brother and sisters

Rakhi is a festival that’s being celebrated in India for centuries. Festivals in India are most often symbolic of achievements, and of tales of victory of good over bad.

It is no shock that the environmental degradation is an evil that needs to be addressed.

And rakhis certainly add to the environmental problem, with enormous amount of non bio-degradable disposable items.

While some efforts are being made to develop and promote rakhis that are 'eco-friendly' but is it really the best that we could do?

Eco friendly = (Less Bad)

Shouldn’t we take the festival of rakshabandhan as an opportunity to do more good to the environment, rather than just less bad.

At bioQ we thought this through and came up with plantable rakhis in 2018, and reached out to more than 16,000 people.

This year, we want to make a much bigger and stronger impact by reaching out to over 100,000 people. We aim to inspire them to grow plants through rakhi kits and contribute in #MakingTraditionsGreener.