Innovations inspired by nature

Why Biomimicry

Human civilizations have existed for 6500 years. While it may seem that we have evolved in these thousands of years, but compared to nature , we are very very young. Mathematically, almost 6 lakh times younger.

Nature has seen a lot more than us, and it has evolved through a much longer period.

Being home to 30 million species, and adding thousands of new ones every year, it has figured a way to host and thrive these species sustainably.

There is so much to learn from nature.

It’s the biggest R&D lab, and is unfortunately under utilized. Coz we have been busy exploiting nature for short term gains, instead of taking inspiration for long term and sustainable gains

We have been busy inventing new things, whereas all we need to do is DISCOVER. When we look deeply into nature, we’re looking into a laboratory that is 3.8 billion years old. Where solutions to problems have been implemented, tested, and revised over the course of evolution.


Imitating Form

The airplane doesn't look like a vulture just by chance. It is because the Wright brothers observed and took inspiration from the bird to build their plane. 

Micro Air Vehicles

Inspired by insects, so small that they could go in narrow passages where humans cant.

Boats were built looking at swans.

Faster cars and trains. It is a very interesting story, how the kingfisher bird helped improve the Japanese fast train's speed and reduce noise as it comes out of the tunnel.