Environment conservation has become a priority for many. While individuals and institutions want to do their part, there is no easy successful way to become a part of the green movement.


At bioQ, we are enabling institutions and individuals make the switch from conventional to eco friendly products in an easy, exciting and affordable manner.


Full grown trees saved


CO2 emission avoided


MWh of energy conserved using recycled material


Plastic waste avoided in landfills


Litres of water conserved using recycled material

From “Use And Throw” to “Use and Grow”


Doing just "less bad" is not enough anymore - we need to start “doing more good” towards the environment to reverse climate change! 


We have introduced our Plantable Stationery range - pens and pencils that come with seeds attached to them  to be planted at the end of their useful life. Similarly, we have launched plantable notebooks and conference pads that come with seeds embedded into the covers: to be planted once the notebook or notepad has been used. The newest addition to our Plantable Stationery family is the plantable calendar that comes with 12 plantable sheets - one for each month.


Items in our Plantable Stationery range are climate positive (or, carbon negative - meaning, the net carbon emissions are negative).  

bioQ's impact so far...

Every minute bioQ sells over 30 seed pens and seed pencils made from 100% recycled paper, creating a significant impact on the environment and society.